Avoiding Financial Loss: Not-At-Fault Accident

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CRASH BANG BASH – you just had an auto accident! The first thing you ask your self is, “Is everybody okay?” The next question is, “What happened?,” meaning, who’s at fault? If you are at fault, your next concern is, “Am I covered?” Well, if you read last month’s article, you already know the answer [...]

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What Is “Full” Coverage?

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[fusion_text]If I were to ask you how much you spend on auto insurance each month, you could probably tell me the exact amount right down to the penny. But could you explain your policy’s coverage down to the last detail?  Like most Texans, probably not! Most people could tell you that they have either “basic” [...]

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To Be or Not To Be

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  The above quiz is for fun, but your knowledge of insurance or lack of it, is no laughing matter and could be costly down the road!! Homeowners insurance is supposed to protect that in which is so vital – our home! Thus, it is something I think most should stop and take some time to [...]